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Spare Me:  Bowling

Necessities & Accessories

412 N River St, #10

Hwy 63

Spooner, WI  54801


Andrew Licata, Proprietor & USBC Bronze Level Coach

Yes, we have a Pro Shop!

Staffed by Bronze Level, USBC Certified Bowling Coach and Kegler's proprietor Andrew Licata, the Spare Me Bowling Pro Shop is always open--just ask at the bar. Andrew invites you to stop in any time!

Please note:

Shipping charges apply to special orders;

all prices subject to 5.5% sales tax

Basic Equipment & Extras

  • Balls
  • Shoes               
  • Shirts               
  • Bags                    
  • Wrist braces      
  • Finger inserts    
  • Rosin bags
  • Thumb tape
  • Towels
  • Cleaners
  • More


Ball drilling


Polyester ball


Urethane ball




Weight holes

$5 ea  


Hole plugging


Plug all



Plug thumb



Plug fingers


Additional services



recommended every 30-40 games





   Solid inserts $12
   Finger inserts $12





We recommend having your hand measured and your ball drilled by a certified bowling professional only. Your pin-fall count will improve.

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