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In the family atmosphere of Kegler's Pub & Pin, you'll work in a fast-paced, up-beat, and challenging environment. You will perform a variety of tasks during every shift, and you will be expected to work as part of a team. Please apply in person at Black Iris Gallery (lower level of the Kegler's building); ask for JoAnn, Andrew, or Bill.



Full- & part-time positions now available


Note: Please apply in person

Ask for an application at Black Iris Gallery

(lower level of Kegler's)

410 N River Street, Suite # 7

Hwy 63, Spooner, WI  54801

Resumes encouraged, in addition to our application form.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bowling & bartending experience strongly preferred
  • In-depth understanding of five important business issues:
    1. Customer service
    2. Cleanliness
    3. Controlled pouring of drinks
    4. Accurate tracking of all inventories
    5. Control of food portions by weight
  • Physically fit and physically agile for pin-chasing duties
  • Able to stand and walk for long periods of time as well as be able to run 50 yards whenever necessary
  • Able to climb into small spaces and climb a ladder
  • Able to lift 50 pounds on demand
  • Responsible Beverage license (paid by Kegler's if necessary)
  • Positive attitude, enjoyable demeanor, big smile - we are looking for fun, optimisitc people! :)

Minimum Duties:

  • Follow Employee Handbook
  • Provide excellent drink & food service to all bowling and bar patrons while cleaning, controlling food portions, and avoiding over-pours
  • Operate kitchen equipment such as electric grills, fryers, pizza ovens, and microwaves to fulfill short order cooking orders
  • Keep the bar, kitchen, glasses, utensils, furniture, restrooms, walls, and floors exceedlingly clean at all times
  • Perform h eavy duty cleaning including scrubbing bathrooms, mopping/vacuuming floors, washing windows, polishing brass rails, and occasionally scrubbing/vacuuming walls and ceilings on both a scheduled and as-needed basis
  • Wash, dry, and fold bar towels
  • Perform normal pin-chasing & minor trouble-shooting duties -- You MUST be physically fit and agile to work this position
  • Operate a cash register with perfect accuracy
  • Operate bowling computer/cash register with perfect accuracy
  • Assist Open Bowlers with ball selection, lane bumpers, and automatic scoring terminals as needed
  • Keep all soda, beer, liquor, and food coolers and cabinets clean and stocked at all times
  • Track and keep stocked all potato chips, cigarettes, candies, and counter inventories (napkins, straws, etc)
  • Keep clean at all times all mirrors, tables, stools, and video machines
  • Break down cardboard boxes and recycle
  • Recycle aluminum cans and haul trash to Dumpster
  • Carry 5-gallon buckets of ice whenever needed
  • Starting hourly wage is seven dollars plus tips
  • Note: On shared shifts, bartenders split their tips and "tip-out" the pin-chaser if one is on duty
  • Other duties as assignment by Andrew & JoAnn, owners


  • Free bowling for you (3 games per week); "BOGO" bowling coupons for giving to friends and family
  • Free fountain soda (1 - 3 per shift)
  • Free Kegler's shirt(s) for wearing at work
  • Flexible scheduling when possible


Part-time Bookkeeper/Office Assistant <--Position Filled

(5 hrs/wk)

Note: Please apply by mail or e-mail. See below.

Qualifications & Duties:

  • Confidentiality REQUIRED
  • Data entry (deposits & invoices) expertise
  • Microsoft Excel knowledge & experience REQUIRED
  • QuickBooks knowledge and experience, v. 2007 or higher, REQUIRED
  • 10-Key test REQUIRED
  • Excellent math and verbal skills needed
  • Accounts payable work only; no payroll, no accounts receivable
  • General office work such as filing, organzing, cleaning, and handling vendor inquiries in person and by telephone
  • Good position for an accounting intern or for a new graduate of WITC's accounting program, provided all requirements are met
  • Wage dependent on experience, speed, & skills; starting pay is $8.00/hour
  • Perk: Free bowling for you (3 games per week)
  • Please send professional cover letter and resume to:

    JoAnn Martin

    c/o Bookkeeper position

    410 N River Street

    Spooner, WI  54801 or




Note: Please apply in person; ask for Andrew


  • Diagnostic skills and ability to maintain and repair pin-spotting machines a must
  • Preventative maintenatnce philosophy required
  • Mechanical experience, especially small engines and electorical work, required
  • Pin-spotter mechanical experience strongly preferred but not required
  • Formal training, reimbursed after 12 months successful employment, required

Duties include:

  • Excellent customer service for bowlers and bar patrons
  • Responsible Beverage license may be required (paid by Kegler's Pub & Pin)
  • Cleaning and building maintenance duties
  • Pinchasing when necessary
  • Operate cash register
  • Operate bowling computer
  • Assist bowlers with automatic scoring terminals
  • Starting pay based on training and experience; preference given to AMF-certified mechanics
  • Half-time position (4 hours/day)


  • Flexible scheduling
  • On-the-job training
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Free bowling for you (3 games per week)




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wireless internet

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