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At Kegler's Pub & Pin, our kitchen is usually open past 10:00 PM. We're the only place in town to get good, hot food late at night. Kegler's strives to offer the best food for the best price. Call ahead for take-out orders, and ask for your frequent diner punch card!

New Menu Effective January 1, 2010.



Ask for JoAnn's secret stash of malt vinegar for a great, tangy twist on the taste of your favorite appetizer!

 New! Brew City Combo Basket   8.99

Big enough for a meal or as a bowling team snack! Combination of beer-battered mozzarella sticks, onion rings, mushroom caps, shrimp poppers, cream-cheese stuffed jalapenos, and chicken strips.


Wisconsin Veggie Sampler   8.99

A perfect excuse to get your daily serving of veggies! This combo basket contains beer-battered cauliflower bites, cheesy broccoli bites, mushroom caps, mozzarella sticks, crunchy onion rings, and gooey cheddar snaps.


Tavern Sampler   8.99

Try this one with an ice cold beer from our brand new line of tap brews. This beer-battered appetizer basket features cream-cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers, gooey mozzarella sticks, yellow chedder snaps, crunchy onion rings, mushroom caps, and crisp waffle fries.


Real Wisconsin Cheese Curds   5.99

These are gourmet white cheddar cheese curds made in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. They're dipped in a premium ale beer batter and fried to a perfect golden brown. Tastes great with ranch dressing; this order is big enough to fill you up!


New! Fiesta Jalapeno Poppers   7.49

Jalapeno pepper halves stuffed with tangy cream cheese, rolled in a light breading, and deep fried to perfect. These are not spicy hot--you'll love 'em.


Mozzarella sticks   4.99

Creamy, Wisconsin mozzarella coated in an Italion seasoned batter. Served with marinara sauce--Mama Mia!


Onion petals   4.99
Crisp, battered onion petals made with sweet, Spanish onions.


Perfect French Fry "Pins"  1.99

Better than the red-headed clown's French fries because we add seasoned salt for extra flavor!


Leinie's Beer-Battered Mini Brats   5.99

Perfectly paired with an ice-cold Leine's tap beer, these mini bratwursts are dipped in an authentic, Leinenkugel's beer batter.


New! Deep-fried Green Beans   5.49

Crisp green beans are coated in a very light, seasoned breading. These are really good and a great way to get more veggies in your diet.


Crispy Egg Rolls   4.99

A tasty mixture of seasoned vegetables combined with spicy pork and hand-rolled in a thin wrapper. Served with Sweet-n-Sour dipping sauce.


Pizza fries, aka "pizza dippers"   5.99
Loaded with cheese and served with marinara sauce on the side

Onion Petals   4.99
Crisp, battered onion petals made with sweet, Spanish onions.

"King Pin" Big Soft Pretzel   2.99
Served rock salt, cinnamon & sugar, or plain. Add melted cheese for $1.


New! Chicken Twists   3.99
Chicken "twists" are great for kids--give them protein the fun way!


Seasoned Chicken Fries   5.49

Crisp Nachos & Melted Cheese    3.49


Fresh-Baked Square 1 Pizza

Bowling and pizza go together! Made locally in Siren, Wisconsin, these pizzas are great as a bowling team snack or a meal. Thin crusts with quality ingredients--you'll like these!

New! Deluxe



Bacon Cheeseburger



Sausage & Pepperoni






Chicken Alfredo



Three Meat






Cheese Lover's



New! Mushroom & Sausage



Canadian Bacon






Kegler's Burgers

1/3-pound, includes chips and a pickle; add French fries for $1.99. Ask for Lowry's seasoning for some added zing!


Kegler's "Strike" Bacon Cheeseburger

Seasoned all-beef patty, American cheese, and an "X" of bacon - yum!



"Nice Cover" Cheeseburger

Seasoned all-beef patty "covered" with melted American cheese



"Good pick-up" burger

Seasoned all-beef patty on a toasted bun


New! Kegler's "Special" Burger
It's a bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce--messy and yummy! We'll give you extra napkins with this one.













Ribs, Shrimp & Chicken

These meals includes chips and a pickle. Add seasoned French fries for just a $1.99.

New! Saucy Rib Tips   5.99

Smoked baby-back rib tips beneath our signature BBQ sauce. Comes with potato chips, a pickle, and lots of napkins, of course!


New! Beer-battered Fish-n-Chips (JoAnn's favorite)   6.99

Served with chips, a pickle, and tartar sauce. This flaky white fish is very lightly battered in Red Hook Ale and deep fried. The house malt vinegar makes them sing--ask for JoAnn's secret stash!


Crispy Chicken Tenders (Andrew's favorite)    6.49

Gourmet chicken breast meat fried to perfection; served with BBQ, ranch, or sweat-n-sour sauce.


Popcorn shrimp   5.99

Served with chips and a pickle. Ask for cocktail sauce and/or tartar sauce, too!


Seasoned Wing Dings   7.99

Let us know whether you prefer BBQ or Buffalo sauce. Plain is good too! Served with chips and a pickle.






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