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Q. How do I book a birthday party?  

A. You can call 715-635-8706 or book on-line. For party details, go here. Thank you for choosing Kegler's Pub & Pin for your special day!

Q. Do you host bowling fundraisers?  

A. We love fundraisers! Please call 715-635-8706 or e-mail us for more information. In just three years, we've helped three local charities raised nearly $15,000! Your charity can do it, too, because bowling is for everyone--for people of all ages and abilities.

Q. Are you Smoke-Free?  

A. We won't be completely smoke-free until Wisconsin passes the Smoke-Free Workplace law. Until that time, the bowling lanes are smoke-free on Saturdays, Sundays, & holidays before 5:00 PM. Our birthday party customers and weekend bowlers spoke up loud and clear, and we listened! Come enjoy our fresh air.

Q. Can you host corporate parties?  

A. Yes, we do! We can host up to 100 people at a time, with 40-48 bowlers on the lanes and others playing pool, throwing darts, or enjoying cocktails in the bar.

Corporate parties are great for holidays, rewards, ice breakers, team building, or morale boosting. We also welcome Girl/Boy Scout troops, youth groups, men's and women's groups, senior groups, etc.

Please inquire about large group pricing (20 or more) and food specials by calling 715-635-8706 or use

Q. How do I join a league?  
A. Call 715-635-8706 and ask for Andrew or use He'll need to know what day of the week you're interested in bowling, and he'll have the secretary of that league get back to you right away. Andrew can also answer any questions you may have about bowling fees, equipment, choosing and fitting a ball to your hand, etc.
Q. Do you sell bowling balls and bowling shoes?
A. Yes, we do! Please visit our Pro Shop for more details or call Andrew at 715-635-8706. He is a USBC-Certified Bowling Coach, trained to custom fit a ball to your hand and to your throwing needs.
Q. How long is the bowling season?  
A. That depends on the league, but most leagues run 31-33 weeks with a break for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each league votes on when to start and end their league season, on how much to charge for their end-of-season prize fund, and on other league-determined rules such as whether smoking is allowed on the lanes or in the bar. If you have questions, see your league president or secretary.
Q. What does "Kegler" mean?
A. Kegler is a German word for bowler. Bowling originated in Germany, and "kegels" were early bowing pins, made from walking sticks. In its current form, bowling is a truly American sport, with countries around the world adhering to United States Bowling Congress (USBC) rules and regulations.
Q. How did Kegler's Pub & Pin get its name?
A. In March 2007, we held a naming contest. Nearly 200 people submitted suggestions, and we combined two names we liked best (Kegelbahn's and Striker's Pub & Pin) to form Kegler's Pub & Pin. The winning entries were submitted by Tom Shattuck and Greg Harrell of Spooner, and both men received free bowling balls for their great suggestions.
Q. Can we bring food from home to our bowling party?

A. Unfortunately, no. Wisconsin's Health Code requires that all foods be prepared on the premsises in our commercial kitchen. Fortunately, we have a very nice menu, while pizza is the most popular food choice for events, groups, and birthday parties. We can also cater your event if you have special requests (requires 1 week's notice).

     For birthday parties, you are allowed to bring in a birthday cake as long as you buy it from a grocery store or bakery (because they have commercial kitchens). We endorse Spooner Bake Shoppe's homemade birthday cakes--they're yummy!

Q. Are you hiring right now?  
A. At this time, we are accepting applications to keep on file since all positions are currently filled. Click here to learn what positions may become available in the future, and thank you for your interest!
Q. Why do you call it a bowling center instead of a bowling alley?

A. Several years ago, the bowling industry decided it was time to improve our image, so we've worked to transition the jargon from bowling "alley" to bowling "center." Bowling centers not only have "lanes" (they're no longer called alleys), they also provide many additional forms of entertainment such as billiards, darts, video games, televised sports, card tournaments, go karts tracks, and more.

Here's another change: those aren't "gutters" on the lanes, they're "channels"! (Can you imagine saying, "Hey! Nice channel ball"? Me neither!)

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