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Cosmic bowling

Sometimes called extreme bowling, glow-in-the-dark bowling, glo bowling, or moonlight bowling...

Cosmic bowling

is just plain fun!


To book your lane click here.

Dancing during Cosmic bowling is a must!


Do I need reservations for Cosmic bowling?

Yes, book your lanes in advance by calling 715-635-8706 or click here. Cosmic bowling is popular, unique to Kegler's, and fills up fast!


What day and time?

  • Saturdays, 9:00 PM to closing time -- A Rockin' Good Time!
  • Year-round

How much?

  • $24 per hour per lane (not per person) for as many games as you can bowl! Up to 6 bowlers on a lane, which makes Cosmic Bowling a great deal--only $4 each! Shoe rental $1.50.
  • New Year's Eve Great Value! $8 per person per hour for free music and light show, appetizers, party favors, noise makers, champagne (or cider), shoes, and bowling! Up to 6 people on a lane.
  • Sales tax + tips are not included - please tip your servers who will work hard for you! :-)

What is Cosmic Bowling?

Cosmic (glo) is to bowling as Disco is to dancing. We turn down the house lights, crank up the satellite music, and light up the disco ball and light show! It’s a unique experience, it’s a great time for friends, families, and couples, and it's only available at Kegler's in Spooner.

Some house balls glow in the dark.


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